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I spend a lot of time in contemplation, allowing the internal messages to rise to the top. I have found safe spaces to tell my truth, to share my pain, and to build community with those who can support me on my journey. My mission to equip women like you to lead yourself powerfully and to fulfill your calling on the earth requires that my cup remain full and that takes commitment. The discipline to do so has been developed over many years, through tears, laughter and hard work. Creating safe spaces for you to find and tell your truth, uncover and break cyclical patterns of neglecting your own self interests is part of my calling. My programs are designed with you in mind and filled with lessons learned on my life's journey, skills and tools developed through intense training, and intuitive, spiritual insights that have been gifted to me. I envision you walking in your freedom powerfully and unapologetically. for the world needs ALL of you to show up and share your amazing gifts. Let me guide you on the journey to Unbounded Living for I have found it to be the best ride ever!


It starts with a decision to book a call.

Work With Me

Join me in the world of Unboundedness!

In this world, you soar as the Free, Unapologetic Powerhouse

you are created to be. I know the path and will guide you there. Let's Go!!!

Mental Fitness Program

You have been guided by messages of what womanhood, motherhood, wifehood or success requires. This has led you to sabotaging beliefs and feelings that block your path and clutter your mind and spirit. I will lead you on an 8 week path to quiet the noise and begin hearing your inner voice.

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Tell the Truth

Spill the Tea with Trini events are for a woman like you who wants community, a time to step away from the busyness of life and to  "Spill The Tea." This is a space to explore where you are, where you want to be, and be challenged to take the next step forward. Join the mailing list and be informed of all future events..

VIP Partnership

In this 6-months partnership, I will coach and guide you to get in touch with your inner voice and create a clear vision of who you are, what you want, and how to manifest the impact you have been designed for. You will emerge more skilled and determined to show up as the most powerful, unapologetic, version of yourself.

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