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My mission is to inspire women to choose their own way and coach them to find and live the path that leads to their greatest fulfillment. I envision you walking in your freedom, powerfully and unapologetically. The world needs ALL of you to show up and share your amazing gifts. Unboundedness is yours once you decide it's so..

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My Story

I am a unique blend of the Spiritual and the Intellectual. From a child, I knew I was created by God for purpose. I have always felt a divine connection, having an inner knowing of which path to take. In addition, intellectually and academically I excelled; graduating Salutatorian in high school and Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Chemistry from Clemson University. I applied and was accepted by two law schools and offered a full scholarship to one of them. Intuitively, I knew this was not the path for me and continued on the corporate road until raising my children became my greatest focus. During the years of full-time parenting and marriage, I excelled in entrepreneurship.


While I experienced much success in life, my challenges came when my mind that was shaped by societal, cultural, and religious norms gave me conflicting directives from what my intuition was signaling. The instances that I allowed those directives to lead me were the times life became most difficult. My intuition has always known the truth and I have finally learned how to listen to my intuition and then use my intellect to create the path forward I desire.


I found my way by breaking free of cultural, societal and religious norms that limited my capacity to fly. For so many years I gave the best of myself to my family, friends and career/business. Eventually, I looked around and could not find the place where I fit into my own life. In 2018, my mother passed after a long illness that was painful to watch and required so much of me physically, mentally and emotionally. Watching this process offered me the opportunity to look forward and come to a clear decision that giving myself a chance to see who I could really be without the heavy weights I was carrying was my top priority. I chose me!


Early in 2019, after 28 years of marriage, I began the process of divorce. Later in  2019, my intuition told me it was time to sell a transportation business that did not align with who I am or what I wanted. The sale closed in January 2020 just before the world changed due to the pandemic. Then in March 2020, a trip to Israel became the turning point for everything beautiful in my life to unfold.


In Israel I waded into the Jordan River (pictured below). There my heart was touched in a divinely profound way and I have never been the same. It became clear after that trip that coaching was the path for me to take. For many years I could not figure out how all of me could fit into one place. My love for psychology, public speaking, excellence, service, teaching and business ownership come together perfectly. Not only has it lead to the greatest joy for me to support others in their journey of self discovery and excellence, coaching has supported my healing and growth. Since Israel, I have found my voice, my calling, my purpose, my joy, the chance to love again, a new home, and so much hope for the future. The key was becoming Unbounded from what I thought I should do, what others wanted me to do and what my religion, culture and society had instilled in me as "right." I now choose my own path based on who God created me to be. The truth of who I am has been within me always; digging beneath the surface and breaking free of all limiting beliefs has me exactly where I want to be. 


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